Ear Candling & Pregnancy by Paige Challoner, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, are already expecting or nursing a baby, ear candling is a completely safe and easy way to alleviate pain from headaches, tension in the neck and jaw, sinus congestion, as well as ear aches and infections.  By stimulating the various fluids that circulate in the brain – lymph, blood and cerebrospinal fluid – many of these symptoms can be alleviated.

For example, frequent headaches due to stress, a cold or flu “bug”, or pressure changes in the environment, indicates a blockage of circulation in the brain and cranium. By changing the environment on the other side of the eardrum, with the use of heat, the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and cranial bones will become more relaxed. This in effect opens up to an increase in flow of cerebrospinal fluid, blood, and lymph, allowing for more nutrient rich and oxygenated blood and cerebrospinal fluid to flow through the head, while the lymph does its job of clearing out toxins and wastes.

The best success in achieving long term results comes with repeated treatments.  Frequency of treatments will depend on the ailment and how long it has been present.  Typically for short term symptoms, such as ear infections or congestion due to colds, 2-4 candles per ear for 2-3 consecutive treatments will provide symptom relief. For longer term symptoms like recurrent headaches and ringing or pressure changes in the ears, frequency of treatments would be 4-6 sessions over a 6-7 week period, followed by monthly to quarterly maintenance sessions until relief from symptoms have reached a desired level.

Ear candling is a simple, relaxing and effective way to reduce the presence of many head and ear related problems, while working towards restoring balance and well-being to the body.

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