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Spring Cleaning by Shauna Chandler

Traditionally, this time of year is a time for us to go through our homes and give everything a really thorough spring cleaning.  It is a time to come out of our winter mindset and let the sunshine in. 

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Pregnant and Spotting? BodyTalk Could Help! By Tracy Blehm.

It was during my third pregnancy that I started to spot at 8 weeks. I had been pregnant twice before with the very first pregnancy ending in miscarriage at 16 weeks. The spotting this early on of course frightened me. Was I about to lose this one […]

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Reiki by Paige Challoner, Certified Reiki Practitioner

Workaholics and high strung people can have difficulties relaxing and experiencing much needed restorative down time.  What I help them do is reduce stress and achieve a feeling of deep relaxation, bringing the body back to a healthier state and well-being. For example, when a person has […]

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BodyTalk by Paige Challoner, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

As our lives get jam packed with school, work, activities and events, children and adults alike are experiencing that feeling of being overloaded.  This leads to various stages of dis-ease over time, such as catching more colds or flu “bugs”, constant fatigue, and eventually chronic pains and […]

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Restart Your New Year`s Resolutions With BodyTalk~By Paige Challoner Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Here we are again, another new year upon us. With it brings that time where some of us decide to better ourselves by working on areas like losing weight, and quitting habits such as smoking, drinking or that other indulgence that continues to drain the pocket book […]

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